Music, Dance and Prayer

Music is food for the soul. Children are encouraged to learn any instrument of their choice and get trained in any of the following-Carnatic vocal, Devotional Sloka Recital, Violin,Keyboard, Veena, Tabla, Mridangam, Flute, Drums. Experts are called to train them in these recitals.

We do not fail to identify their talents! Choreography is their forte in fine arts. So is Dancing, Singing and winning trophies in the field of sports and games. It is really amazing to see how they bring back to Kaligi many a shield and trophy. The school is known for its specially talented music troupe and it is the most sought after troupe in Chennai.

Daily moments of prayer are a source of strength and keeps children from going astray. The morning assembly is well organized. Discipline and moments of silence are observed. Discipline and moments of silence are observed. The school band plays its solemn harmonious music on all occasions. Bharatanatyam as an art form is given considered importance. They are trained so well that they are even called to perform at public occasions and are paid for the same. Students can earn while they learn. Those who have specialized in vocals have won many Cups,Trophies and shields. The Choir participants in Inter-School competitions and public performances and bring many laurels to our institution.

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