Kaligi places great emphasis on discipline. So one won't be surprised to know that Yoga is a part of the curriculum. A special Yoga Master is appointed to handle these sessions in a systematic and orderly fashion. The minds of children are thus relaxed and rejuvenated to enable them imbibe more knowledge with precision and skills. Students thereby find education a very pleasant ad enjoyable exercise.

These healthy practices enable the students to study better. It is compulsory for all students -from Std I to XII. Hence, It gives a some of proper direction to the youth. The students are taken in batches to rooms that are conductive for Meditation and Yogasanas. They are therefore even more disciplined and have self-control. It becomes a way of life at Kaligi.

Health and hygiene are given much importance, because cleanliness is next to Godliness! The senior students pay keen attention to these matters of concern. Students with exemplary performances in Sports or any other extra-curricular activities like Music etc will also be given scholarship.

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