The school library, reverentially named after our respected Educationist and well-wisher, Sri.C. Ethiraj, President, Dharmamurthi Rao Bahadur Calavala Cunnan Chettys Charities, houses about 21,000 books for reading and reference by pupils and staff.

The library is strengthened every year with more and more useful books. The library is now housed in a new spacious hall, well-furnished with reading hall. Card catalogue system is in vogue and the process of computerization is on. Bar coding system is introduced to make it a digital library.

The library opens at 8AM and functions upto 5PM. Library assistants help the students to locate relevant reading material for study. Journals, Newspapers and Magazines as well as Multi-Media CD are available for them. Every year the library is updated. Books on General Knowledge and all reference books are also available. The student embarks on his/her own journey into the galaxy of books displayed on well-stacked racks. It is a storehouse of knowledge and students are allowed free accessibility to books available. The rules and regulations are formulated in the best interest to the cause of education.

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