Teaching Method

Teachers devote personal care and attention to every child. They identify their skills, observing them constantly to monitor their progress. Kaligi has 5800 students on its roll today. It never loses sight of its goal in shaping students into smart individuals.

They are so well monitored through all their activities that they also learn personal skills of sharing and caring. This takes them through their schooling with the right attitude of being positive and confident, enabling them to face competitive exams as they move from grade to grade. One may wonder how this is achieved.... Of course, the teaching methods adopted in Kaligi are proactive digital classrooms that ensure active participation of every student in the class. Educomp's Smartclass is a technology-oriented-cum-innovative to bring about a lively and practical classroom learning. It heeds to the self-paced learning providing tools and content for interactive approach. Rich-media presentation and glory to the equipment of self-learning through a 42" inch plasma TV fitted in L.K.G to XII class. Assessment systems are well organized to analyse the performance of every student meticulously.

Audio visual aid is part and parcel of the innovative strategy in the teaching-learning game of education. 100% concentration is thus extracted from the students and every subject is handled skillfully by the faculty.


Students who need special attention are taken care of in the evenings form 4.30 to 5.30 p.m, free of charge. They are the ‘silent Sparks' of Kaligi, who are slow but sure to win the race. They are filled with optimism and promise at the end of the day.

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